Shall We Dance? By Dr. Kimberly Freeman   Recently updated !

Without a doubt, at least two times occur each year when you can count on opportunities for restoration and renewal:  New Year’s Day and your birthday.  Also, if you are like my niece or me (both of us have birthdays that happen the first week of the year), your two […]

How Women Break Through the Male-Dominated STEM Industry by Amanda Peterson

When it comes to careers in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) industries, women are largely overshadowed by men. Women account for 39 percent of jobs globally but only make up 28 percent of STEM positions. Even fewer women hold board positions at just 12.2 percent. Though it can’t […]

Is Your Inclusion Program Inclusive Enough? by Tim Toterhi

For a while HR leaders have operated under a working theory: increase the diversity of your talent mix and you’ll increase group performance. The logic seems sound. A wider talent pool will secure new skills, different perspectives, and a variety of working styles, which can be applied to everything from […]

The Value of Business Resource Groups In Promoting Career and Business Growth By Robert Camilleri, CDE

Robert Camilleri, CDE, is a 16 year veteran of the advertising industry and currently serves as a VP of Talent Engagement & Inclusion with Publicis Groupe, the world’s third largest marketing, communications and digital transformation conglomerate. As part of his role, Robert serves as coach and mentor to the global […]

Millennials and the Participation Trophy Mindset

Rainbow ribbons and bulk orders of plastic gold trophies bring to mind one thing — coddled millennials. Swathed in words of encouragement and gentle support, it’s no surprise this generation is subject to a daily barrage of articles lamenting their work ethic. If you are not familiar, participation trophies were […]

Diversity and Inclusion – A diamond in the rough by Maher Showeiry

In our global and competitive business environment, recruiting, engaging and retaining talents has become a “hustle” for many HR professionals. New tools and techniques in the recruitment process of the world’s top employers ensure that they are reaching wider niche talents. With the ever-expanding workforce, the HR professional’s main concern […]

Diversity Is Not A Trend, It’s A Commitment By Sekinah Brodie

With as many strides that have been made in business regarding diversity and inclusion we are still years away from the finish line. Diversity is not a trending topic that should be promoted for brownie points then discarded. Diversity should not be compartmentalized into a box that you push to […]

Five Ways Small Companies Can Think Big about Affinity Groups by Dr. Nika White, CDE

Affinity groups can be a great tool for diversity and inclusion (D&I), but what if your organization is too small to support a group just for women, Hispanics, or some other demographic not widely represented in the company? That doesn’t have to be the end of the conversation. With some […]