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Understanding Biculturalism in a Professional Context by Cherise Tolbert

It may come as a surprise, but most Americans are bicultural (at minimum), according to the Interethnic Proximity Indexsm. If you are bicultural, you identify with two predominant cultures (if you identify with more than two you are multicultural). You may have been raised in a household with Latino parents, for […]

5 Reasons Diversity Matters to Your Career by Cherise Tolbert

When you’re searching for a career, touting your diversity is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, many diverse individuals used to and still do purposefully hide their ethnicity or race because they don’t want to be hired because of their skin, or gender, or culture; […]

Why Impact Beats Activity Every Time By Dr. Nika White

It’s an awful feeling to look back on the body of your diversity and inclusion work only to discover that your efforts are not producing positive results. It may seem like you’ve done all the right things as an organization, but they’re not adding up to a level that makes […]

Four Sexual Harassment Lessons to Learn Right Now By Dr. Nika White

There is no denying our country is in a pivotal moment when it comes to sexual harassment. While details vary from one scandal to another, an overwhelming majority of them are occurring in workplace and professional settings. That means the problem is not just about aggressors keeping their hands to […]

Diversity and Inclusion – White Males Wanted! By Dr. Kecia McCoy   Recently updated !

Diversity and Inclusion is designed to address inequalities, biases, and concerns from underrepresented individuals in the workplace.  However, these issues are not a one way street for women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, different religions, or LGBTQ+ individuals only. Diversity and Inclusion serves everyone, as evidenced in the initial […]

Inclusive Work Culture – Is it Important Enough? By Dr. Kecia McCoy

Inclusion is simply a change in the workplace dynamic and for the world’s most successful organizations, it is mandatory. According to author Erik Olesen in his book, 12 Steps to Mastering the Winds of Change, “the mediocre resist change, the successful embrace it.” Moreover, inclusion is not limited to race, […]

Why You Should Change Your Mind about Inclusion By Dr. Nika White

There’s a hidden obstacle tripping up many of us working in the diversity and inclusion space. When I speak with people in industries across the country who are looking to make real progress toward diversity and inclusion, there’s often something standing in the way that they can’t identify. Why won’t […]

When to Swerve Outside Your Lane By Dr. Nika White

It’s been just over a year since former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee during the national anthem before game time to protest police violence, but the controversy hasn’t died down. Instead, it’s taken on a whole new life now that even our president has jumped […]

Equality vs Equity

Equality vs Equity 1

Kids from an early age are taught about fairness. They are taught to share and that everyone should get an equal turn in activities. This is most likely why, as adults we are so obsessed with equality and making sure that we give everyone a “fair share”. We promote equal […]