D&I Skill-building

Equality vs Equity 1

Kids from an early age are taught about fairness. They are taught to share and that everyone should get an equal turn in activities. This is most likely why, as adults we are so obsessed with equality and making sure that we give everyone a “fair share”. We promote equal […]

Equality vs Equity

Gail Williams Interview Diversity Champion

Gail Williams, An Interview With a D&I Champion 1

Gail Beatrice Williams, M.B.A., CDP is the Chief Diversity Officer for Hodges University, in Naples, FL. Gail has also been the recipient of the 2012 Diversity Face Award in Education, Multicultural Leadership Award by the Florida Diversity Council, 2012 Hodges University employee of the year, Hodges University Hispanic Institute Promise award, “Makers” […]

How Can Diversity & Inclusion Enlist Senior Leadership Sponsorship? 2

One of the biggest complaints we hear from Diversity & Inclusion professionals is that senior leadership consistently doesn’t give attention to their initiatives. This may take the form of actively ignoring them. However, more often, this is done subtlety. Senior leadership appears to be in agreement, but then doesn’t follow […]

Diversity & Inclusion Enlist Senior Leadership Sponsorship