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A Closer Look at This Year’s Top Conference Speakers, “Diversity 3.0” 2017

Tavis Smiley From his celebrated conversations with world figures to his work to inspire the next generation of leaders, Tavis Smiley — broadcaster, author, publisher, advocate, and philanthropist — has emerged as an outstanding voice for change. Smiley is currently the host of the late-night television talk show Tavis Smiley on PBS, as well […]

Diversity & Inclusion: Back to the Basics 2

Contributing Author Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) not only involves how people perceive themselves, but how they perceive others and their purpose. Those perceptions affect their interactions. For a wide assortment of employees to function effectively as an organization, human resource professionals need to deal effectively with issues such as communication, […]



Business4ALL: A New Generation of Entrepreneurial Assistive Tools 2

Author: Jaisiel Madrid Sánchez Jaisiel Madrid Sánchez[9] is the founder and CEO of Closefunding, a Spanish consulting organization assisting business innovation and entrepreneurship training following inclusion and diversity criteria. He is also the creator of Business4ALL Tools[10] aimed at improving access and ability to use business tools and entrepreneurial support […]