Monthly Archives: August 2014

Education Changes Mindsets

By Danniella Banks As we all know by now, the tech industry is struggling in terms of diversity. The numbers of various companies, such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter, are staggering to say the least. They are more white and male than almost any other industry in the United […]

The Check Box Mentality: Why the Easy Way is Not Always the Best Way

By Leah Smiley, CDE The Institute for Diversity Certification gets a lot of phone calls from small businesses around the country who want to get “certified” so that they can acquire contracts with larger companies. Many of these small enterprises are minority-owned, but some are not. Yesterday, I fielded such […]

Back to School?

By Leah Smiley, CDE   My children went back to school on July 30th. My youngest daughter and son are polar opposites. She loves school and can’t wait to compete with the other students for the top honors. I have to remind my daughter to tone down her rhetoric, because […]

Some May Not Change 1

By Danniella Banks Imagine a white girl, who lives in an agrarian community with her parents and three siblings. She goes to church every Sunday, and when she isn’t at school during the week, she is spending time on her grandparents’ farm. It isn’t until this girl is five or […]

Choosing Words Wisely

By Danniella Banks Yesterday I was reminded of a story that came out in January of last year about a waiter who refused to serve a family because of their mean comments towards a child in the restaurant with Down syndrome. The comment was that the boy, who was five, and other […]

Diversity Lacking in Entertainment

By Danniella Banks Recently, the focus of those in the field of diversity and inclusion has been on the tech industry. With Google, Facebook, Twitter and others releasing company demographics, you might have missed the other data that has come out about the diversity of the entertainment industry, mostly TV and […]

Expanding the Value of Diversity and Inclusion

By Leah Smiley, CDE   Today the Associated Press (AP) reported that the “Wealth Gap is Slowing U.S. Economic Growth“.  The AP asserts,  “Part of the problem is that educational achievement has stalled in recent decades. More schooling usually translates into higher wages. S&P estimates that the U.S. economy would […]

New Program For Supervisors Focuses On Cultural & Inclusive Excellence

The Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC) recently announced the introduction of the Cultural & Inclusive Excellence Program for Supervisors, which will focus on building strategic leadership skills. This program will be a two-day learning and coaching laboratory for supervisors and managers, and it will be held at the IDC office […]