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Beyond Slavery and Affirmative Action: Evaluating Your Purpose (Part II) 2

In Part I, I talked about the fact that there are some who are too preoccupied with race in the workplace—impacting customer service, student service, constituent service and every other aspect of how your business operates.  Case in point: In New York, a young man was arrested after using a […]

Beyond Slavery and Affirmative Action: How the Past Hampers Our Future (Part I) 1

For more than 35 years, Hollywood has been creating films to examine the history of slavery in America. In 1977, the movie “Roots” gripped America. In 1989, “Glory” riveted the screen. In 1997, “Amistad” captivated audiences. And in 2013, “12 Years a Slave” torments critics and reignites racial tensions. Why […]

The Institute for Diversity Certification Confers Credentials to 10 New Designees 1

These certified diversity executives and professionals have demonstrated advanced knowledge, skill and competency in diversity and inclusion. Plainfield, IN–October 4, 2013: The Institute for Diversity Certification conferred Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) and Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) credentials to ten (10) new designees during its September exam window: Karen Reed, CDE, […]