Monthly Archives: September 2013

A Tale of Two Cities: Intent vs. Impact in the World of Diversity & Inclusion

By Leah Smiley I recently read an article about a college in New York that planned to host a diversity event segregated by race. The Office of Diversity planned one event for students of color only, one event for white students only, and the final event for everyone. I totally […]

Dear Cabin Crew, “Why Do You Have An Attitude?”: Ten Tips For Diversity for In-Flight Crews By Dr. Anita Nahal, CDP

Flying can be stressful in many ways, least of which is to have cabin crew who are abrupt, rude or have an attitude! What kind of diversity sensitization and appreciation workshops* are provided to in-flight staff… such as cabin crew, pilots and copilots…about how to interact with diverse individuals in […]