Monthly Archives: April 2013

Top CEO’s in Touch? By Enrique Ruiz, CDE

Corporations make claims every day that embracing Diversity is a way to improve the work environment, spawn creativity, improve efficiency and reach new markets. In parallel, it is also touted as a socially responsible behavior. Intuitively we know that Diversity practice is a people business that touches each of us […]

The Business Case For Diversity: The Need, Application and Training (NAT) Triangle by Anita Nahal, Ph.D. 3

The chicken came first or the egg?  Is it because a company’s products or services are geared towards a diverse buyer demographic or global diverse missions, thus the need for the business case for diversity OR because today’s world is increasingly becoming diverse, therefore, the need for the business case […]

The Institute for Diversity Certification Rolls Out Classroom-Based Instruction for Its Diversity & Inclusion Credentialing Program

The new diversity certification preparation course offerings will accommodate different learning styles and expand IDC’s national presence     Plainfield – April 10, 2013: From leading events-based diversity initiatives to building a high-performing global team, the role of diversity and inclusion is ever-changing. The Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC) launched […]

The Silent Minority by Enrique Ruiz, CDE

I was born in Colorado yet my name, Enrique Ruiz, implies a more Hispanic origin. As a child it was inconsequential with a nickname of “Ricky.” At the age of eight I went to live in Mexico City and stayed there for another eight years becoming a teenager, fluent in […]