Monthly Archives: March 2013

My Thoughts on “Being White in Philly”

  As I perused through the news sites the other night, I read a headline about an article by Robert Huber in Philadelphia Magazine that was receiving alot of backlash. The article is entitled, “Being White in Philly”  (available at This seemed like my type of article. I quickly googled the writer’s […]

A Big Thanks to the World! By Enrique Ruiz, CDE

                                                         After a Successful Delivery!   This week my relatively petite wife gave birth to our son, André, a healthy 10 pound 3 ounce baby in the Washington, DC area. It was an anticipated moment preceded by ample planning and childbirth classes. When labor began, we thought we knew the […]

Society for Diversity & Media Tec Publishing Establish a Subscription Partnership

All Society for Diversity members will now be offered a 1-year subscription to Diversity Executive Magazine March 21, 2013:  Indianapolis—The Society for Diversity and Media Tec Publishing Inc. have reached an agreement to provide all Society for Diversity members with a free subscription to Diversity Executive Magazine (a $29.95 per […]