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Leveraging Hispanics to Assure Growth in the Next Five Years Requires a New Outlook By Terry Soto

By Terry Soto, Author of Marketing to Hispanics A Strategic Approach to Assessing and Planning Your Initiative   In a recent meeting with a VP of Multicultural Marketing, one of the top concerns that came across was the desire to sustainably position Multicultural Marketing in the company for the next […]

Micro-Managing: Keeping a Lid on Your Organization’s Growth! By Enrique Ruiz

  Could the idea of keeping a lid on your organization’s growth be a real sustainable paradigm? Today’s economic climate demands innovation and greater creativity to solve current problems. Fortunately, all of our organizations can tap into the diversity of thought that resides within our human capital reservoirs and find […]

Why Should We Celebrate Black History Month?

  By Leah Smiley My 15-year old daughter was perturbed that one of her classmates protested against “celebrating black history month”.  The female classmate insisted that there were Caucasian slaves too, and therefore, no need to celebrate freedom for any special groups.   This debate actually occurs on college campuses […]

The Mandate for Courage 1

  Sometimes, it’s easy for us to feel like we are harping on the same old issues in the workplace. Accordingly, we may become apprehensive about discussing certain diversity and inclusion topics, like race, gender and sexual orientation (i.e., the hot button issues). We also don’t want to be labeled […]

The Power in a Name: A Free Reward with Lasting Organization Impact By Enrique Ruiz

    What is your name? Why were you given that name? What does your name mean? Our name, a perfectly crafted combination of characters distinguishes us among 7 billion people on earth. It is our being, it carries our heritage and it was a gift of love from our […]

Excerpt from “The Biggest Problem Faced by Hispanic Marketers Today” By Terry J. Soto

We talk endlessly about the Hispanic market’s size, its language preferences, the deep and multi-segmented insights, the culture, and the “right media spend,” whatever that means. And, we continue to live in a Hispanic marketing world of soccer sponsorships, celebrities, concerts and festivals, media properties, in-language and in-culture creative and […]